Coyote Woman


Coyote Woman is a movement of freelance producers collaborating with different international production houses and companies.

Our role in this area is to manage and supervise the production from the beginning to the end.

Production Manager for international Reality Shows, TV production and Audiovisual, working for companies such as :

-Netflix             -Amazon              -BBC              -Warner Bros         -Paramount Pictures       -UBER           - RED7        -ARTE

- And more...

Development of communication strategies with clients and suppliers for the proper functioning of the project:

- Creation of documents   -  Calendars   -  Quotes     -Logistics

- And more...

A complete experience in Set Development, working as a Set Manager + Line Producer, having the knowledge of all the elements that an audiovisual and a Set needs, coordinating all the constelation.

Being with us is going for an excellent coffee, the perfect tacos and skydiving.

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Coyote Woman is created by:

Mariana Orvañanos 

Instagram: _coyotewoman

+52 1 55 34 95 12 57

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